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dual diagnosis & co-occurring disordersMany individuals who struggle with substance abuse also face mental health challenges. Issues like depression, anxiety, and PTSD can make it difficult for those working to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol to maintain sobriety. This is referred to as a “dual diagnosis” or as “co-occurring disorders.” A dual diagnosis treatment program can address both substance use disorders and mental health issues at the same time.

Many individuals who need treatment for co-occurring disorders never receive it. However, your best chance at long-lasting recovery is through a professional addiction treatment program that also treats mental health issues. At Awakenings Recovery Center, we offer dual diagnosis treatment that helps our clients make long-lasting changes in their lives.

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What Is Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment?

Dual diagnosis treatment addresses both substance use disorders and mental health issues at the same time. Some treatment programs only address one or the other, which can leave individuals more susceptible to relapsing after leaving treatment.

Someone who struggles with anxiety might use drugs or alcohol to feel better. However, these substances will only make them feel better for a short time. After the effects wear off, they might even feel more anxious than before. This is how addiction and mental health issues can become a harmful cycle.

A co-occurring disorders treatment center helps clients build healthy coping skills so that they do not turn to drugs and alcohol in the future to cope with mental health issues. Group therapy, individual therapy, expressive therapy, and other approaches might be used to help clients rebuild their lives.

Do You Need Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

If you’re not sure whether you need treatment for co-occurring disorders, consider the following

  • Have you been diagnosed with a mental health disorder?
  • Do you have difficulty managing your responsibilities at work or at home?
  • Have loved ones expressed concerns about your mental health or use of drugs or alcohol?
  • Do you experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop using drugs or alcohol?
  • Do you find that you need to use more or more often to feel the same effects?
  • Have you used drugs or alcohol to relieve feelings of depression or anxiety in the past?
  • Have you been through a treatment program for addiction before but have relapsed?

If you can answer yes to any of the above, reach out to Awakenings Recovery Center today. Our treatment center, located in Hagerstown, MD, is not a hospital setting. Instead, we offer a peaceful, supportive environment where our clients can focus on their recovery away from the stresses of everyday life.

Benefits of Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

Dual diagnosis treatment offers a number of unique benefits over traditional treatment programs. These include:

  • Care that is focused on your unique needs
  • Reduced risk of relapse
  • A community of peers with similar experiences
  • Aftercare planning for when you leave treatment
  • Help for your physical health as well as your mental health

Take advantage of all that this treatment for co-occurring disorders has to offer by reaching out to a treatment center near you today.

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At Awakenings Recovery Center, our goal is to help our clients heal in both body and mind. We help our clients maintain sobriety long-term by giving them the tools they need to overcome cravings and cope with mental health issues in a healthy way.

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