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Family TherapyThose struggling with addiction can feel its effects in many different aspects of their lives. Substance abuse can affect your physical health, relationships, finances, and employment status. If your family relationships have suffered at the hands of your addiction, there is hope. Family therapy is one tool we use at Awakenings Recovery Center to help our clients and their families rebuild trust and restore relationships.

Our comprehensive treatment plans help our clients overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol, and we also provide care for co-occurring disorders such as anxiety and depression. Our goal is to help our clients find hope and healing from substance abuse, and family therapy is one of the tools that we use to help them recover.

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What Is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a form of talk therapy that helps those who are struggling with addiction and their loved ones resolve conflicts, rebuild trust, and improve communication under the guidance of a therapist.

This type of therapy does not only have to involve your immediate family members. Other individuals who might participate in family therapy include:

  • Close friends
  • Romantic partners
  • Grandparents

These therapy sessions will often include the individual in recovery, but can also take place with just their loved ones. During these sessions, family members will learn more about addiction, how they can support their loved one, and their role in the recovery process.

One of the goals of family therapy is to create stronger, healthier relationships. We hope that our clients and their families will learn how to communicate effectively, withstand future conflict, and weather challenges in recovery. This program can help all family members heal from the effects of addiction. At Awakenings Recovery Center, we create personalized treatment plans for every individual in our care. If you think that family therapy could be right for you, contact us today.

The Benefits of Family Therapy

Family therapy can prove to be uniquely beneficial. Whether the individual who is struggling with addiction is present for sessions or not, family members can learn about how to support them and how to heal from the damage that addiction has caused.

Other benefits of family therapy include:

  • Family therapy helps those involved understand the nature of addiction
  • Teaches family members to love and help without enabling addiction
  • Creates a support system to hold clients accountable after treatment ends
  • Improves communication between family members

Addiction is a family disease. We are committed to working with every client and their loved ones to find the healthiest strategies for healing, setting boundaries, and dealing with family issues head-on. Upon starting treatment, our staff will begin reaching out to loved ones if appropriate. Our treatment staff will assess your family situation as well as your strengths and needs and develop a plan for you.

We are dedicated to working with you and your loved ones by emphasizing psychoeducation, examining codependency, and learning successful strategies to build a foundation for success.

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We offer family therapy as just one part of our comprehensive addiction treatment programs. These include:

Whether you are struggling with an addiction to prescription drugs, alcohol, heroin, or another substance, our team can help you heal. In our treatment programs, clients learn the healthy coping skills they need to make lifelong changes. Reach out to Awakenings Recovery Center at 833.297.4343 today or contact us online to learn more.