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addiction treatment programsAt Awakenings Recovery Center, we offer addiction treatment programs that help our patients at every step of their journey to recovery.

Our residential programs and ongoing support are designed to help all those struggling with substance abuse develop the healthy coping skills they need for lasting sobriety. Learn more about program specifics or our admissions process by contacting Awakenings Recovery Center at 833.297.4343 today.

Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Residential care begins once you are no longer physically dependent on drugs and alcohol. Once you enter into this level we will engage a number of therapeutic modalities to assist you in building and using the skills needed for long-term recovery.

Our programs include:

Awakenings Recovery Center allows you to take time away from your regular life and stresses. We implement an intensive, focused treatment plan built around your personal needs. We will design a unique program for you, rooted in our holistic, multidisciplinary approach to treatment. Our team, drawing from a wealth of education and personal experience, will implement and adapt the plan as you begin to heal and grow.

You can overcome your addictions and you have the opportunity to thrive. We want to help and are here to give you the tools and skills to start building your life again. Your life can turn around—let us help guide you.

What to Expect at Awakenings Recovery Center

Effective recovery programs treat the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of addiction. While our comprehensive therapy plan focuses on the mental and spiritual sides of care, our on-site nurse practitioner will make sure your physical needs are met as well.

Our medical team administers care during your treatment. Any necessary medications will be delivered on-site, and every patient has access to psychiatric care when needed.

Medical Care

Your residential program begins once you make the decision to be physically removed from drug use, and have safely progressed through acute withdrawal from drugs. You will have access to top of the line medical care while at our inpatient facility, in order to give you the highest level of comfort and safety possible.

With your immediate physical needs taken care of, you will be able to examine the internal struggles you face, and we will begin to treat your mental and spiritual well-being.

Intense Therapy Plan

Residential treatment involves an intense therapy plan to improve your mental and spiritual well-being.

Our residential treatment is designed to give you the knowledge to return to your life and continue to find the fulfillment and peace that will allow you to live a positive, productive life free from substance abuse.

A Focus on Wellness

While you are in treatment, you are healing mentally, spiritually, and physically. While you may not be dealing with acute withdrawal, substance abuse can have long-term physical withdrawal effects and can lead to neglect of your physical health, malnutrition, and discomfort.

We offer clients yoga and meditation classes, as well as other wellness services such as smoking cessation and Narcan training. We also offer HIV and hepatitis C testing.

Food is catered and served on-site, and healthy snacks will be provided. Case managers will work with you on nutritional education and grocery shopping, creating healthy meal ideas, and shopping lists for your future.

The greatest goal of our program is to give each individual the tools and strategies to eliminate or deal with harmful stress and triggers that have affected their lives. We try to maximize the amount of time you are in a safe, secure, recovery-focused living community. Stressors will remain out there, but we will help you build the ability to deal with them, and find peace and fulfillment while living clean and sober. We will help you plan for the next steps, with input from your entire therapy team. Our medical team, case managers, and therapists will be there to advise you through the next steps.

Case Management

While in treatment our case manager works with you to resolve life stressors. Legal, financial, and other issues can be major stumbling blocks for recovering addicts. We aim to clear away and make a clean slate for you to thrive in your early recovery.

Relapse Prevention

We all know that as many problems get resolved, new ones can come up. Your aftercare planning will focus heavily on providing you with the insight and tools to prevent and/or deal with life’s issues in a healthy positive way.

Person-First Philosophy

Our mission is to get you in the best facility that will allow you to heal and find long term recovery. Whether you enter one of our facilities or another facility, we will help everyone who contacts us find the appropriate place for them to heal.

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