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Alumni ProgramOne of the most important steps on the road to recovery is entering treatment at a recovery center. If you’ve completed a treatment program at Awakenings Recovery Center, such as our residential treatment program or our men’s or women’s rehab program, you might wonder what your next steps should be. Re-entering everyday life can be challenging. While we offer an aftercare program that provides ongoing support, many of our clients also benefit from participating in our alumni program.

The support you will receive from your peers during and after treatment is vital. In group therapy, you learn from others about their experiences in sobriety and how they handle stress and other triggers in healthy ways. As you readjust to life at home and at work, having this support can be incredibly helpful.

At Awakenings Recovery, our services don’t end once you leave our care. Once you have completed your course of treatment with us, your support network will be a critical factor in helping you to avoid relapse. Our alumni program offers support when you need it and opportunities for you to give back.

Learn more about our alumni program and our addiction treatment programs by contacting Awakenings Recovery Center today at 833.297.4343.

The Benefits of an Alumni Program

A strong support network is one of the most critical ingredients in recovery. And of course, it will not be limited to just your peers in recovery; it will also include friends and family. But as a member of our alumni program, you will maintain contact with a group of individuals who uniquely understand what you are going through.

As a member of the alumni program, you will also be a part of someone else’s support network when they reach out to you. Our alumni regularly contact us about how helpful being able to be there for someone else is recovery. It can help strengthen your own sobriety by giving you opportunities to listen, understand, and support the people who need you the most. In this way, helping your peers is a way of extending your own recovery. And this is one of the main reasons we established our alumni program.

We have built an extensive alumni program in MD and across the country. Your peers in recovery are some of the best resources at your disposal. They know what you have been through, what you are going through now, and have struggled with many of the same issues that you have. The main goal of our alumni program is to give anyone who wants to continue that support the chance to do so.

What to Expect as Part of the Awakenings Alumni Program

As a member of our alumni program, you will have the chance to give and receive support from your peers in a wide variety of ways. Some of the ways that you can participate include:

  • Connecting with others through our alumni database, which includes contact information for all of the participants in the program
  • Regular telephone and email contact from the experienced treatment team at Awakenings Recovery Center
  • Information useful to your recovery, including educational materials from Awakenings Recovery Center
  • The opportunity to attend social events organized by our treatment center or our alumni program
  • The opportunity to share your experiences with others and to support your peers in sobriety

You’ve made a commitment to your own sobriety, and by participating in our alumni program, you can promote your long-term recovery while helping others in need.

Learn More About Our Alumni Program Today

Even after completing an addiction treatment program at Awakenings Recovery, you’ll benefit from ongoing support. Your recovery journey has not ended just because your time in our center has. As you reenter the world and start your new life free from substance abuse, your lifelong journey is just beginning. Becoming a part of our alumni program will grant you access to a thriving support network when you need it most. Contact Awakenings Recovery Center’s alumni program online today or call us at 833.297.4343. Awaken to lifelong recovery with the support of those who have been there.