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case managementWhile in treatment at Awakenings Recovery Center, you will be assigned a case manager. This team member will work with you to resolve life stressors. Legal problems, financial stress, and other issues can be major stumbling blocks for individuals in recovery. We aim to clear the way and make a clean slate for you to thrive in your early recovery.

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, reach out to our team today. We offer comprehensive care in a supportive environment that can help you make lasting changes in your life.

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What Is Case Management?

Awakenings Recovery’s case management program assists you in maintaining your recovery in the first days of treatment. Your case manager acts as a supporter, a liaison, and an advocate. While your case manager is not a therapist, they will listen to your concerns and find actionable solutions.

They might help you find additional therapies or outpatient programs to help you in your ongoing recovery. In addition, your case manager can help you with financial or legal issues that are preventing you from being successful in treatment.

Your case manager acts as a single individual that you can turn to for many of your needs in the early days of recovery. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed or stressed out by fears of relapse. Our case management program engages both you and your family, giving you further opportunities for healing.

Our case managers have training in treating addiction and encouraging recovery. As such, your case management program fills your needs and helps you manage coordinated services, such as:

  • Life and recovery coaching
  • Planning for individual recovery
  • Family therapy sessions
  • Drug/alcohol testing for accountability
  • Intervention and emergency support
  • Relapse prevention counseling

You can access resources in your community, like therapy, treatment, recovery support groups, medical care, and community services with your case manager’s help. They work to help you achieve long-lasting recovery.

Comprehensive Support During Treatment

Why do we assign each of our clients a case manager? This member of our team provides unique support. They might help with:

  • Employment
  • Life skills
  • Legal issues
  • Financial issues

Those who are struggling with addiction might have lost their job as a result of drug or alcohol use. Case managers can help them find job listings, get ready for interviews, and rejoin the workforce.

Addiction can make activities of daily life difficult. Case managers help clients develop the life skills they need to successfully fulfill their responsibilities at work and at home.

If you are struggling with legal issues as a result of addiction, your case manager can work as your advocate and liaison. They can tell your legal representatives about your participation in treatment and your plans for after treatment.

Finally, if addiction has impacted your finances, you might be concerned about paying for treatment or transitioning back to everyday life. Your case manager will help you navigate this complex issue.

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Case management is just one tool that we use in our treatment plans. Every individual in our care at Awakenings Recovery Center receives a personalized treatment plan. We use a variety of addiction treatment therapies in these plans, which could include:

When you begin treatment at Awakenings, you’ll find a peaceful, safe, supportive environment. Discover the difference that our treatment programs can make—reach out to us today at 833.297.4343 or contact us online.