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process addictionProcess addictions are unique in the world of addiction treatment. Many individuals who reach out for addiction treatment struggle with a dependence on a substance. It can be easy to tell if someone is struggling with a substance use disorder, especially if you can see the physical toll that drinking or using drugs has taken. Process addictions, however, are also known as behavioral addictions. Individuals struggling with process addictions feel a need to engage in certain behaviors over and over again. These could include gambling, shopping, video games, or other behaviors. At Awakenings Recovery Center, we offer a process addiction treatment program to help individuals who are ready to heal.

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What Is a Process Addiction?

Process addictions involve participating in an activity over and over again even if it results in negative outcomes. These negative outcomes could include harm to your physical health, relationships, mental health, or finances.

Examples of common process addictions include:

  • Sex addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • Video game addiction
  • Shopping addiction
  • Food addiction
  • Internet addiction

Lasting recovery is possible. At Awakenings Recovery Center, we offer personalized care in a supportive environment.

How We Treat Process Addiction

Many of those who struggle with process addictions also face mental health issues that can exacerbate their condition. We offer dual diagnosis treatment that addresses both mental health issues and addiction at the same time, which can lead to better long-term outcomes than just addressing the addiction alone. You might have started engaging in addictive behaviors as a way to cope with feelings of depression or anxiety. Through targeted therapy, our team will help you understand the link between these co-occurring disorders and can help you build healthy coping skills for long-term recovery.

Group therapy is a foundational part of our treatment plans. During group sessions, you’ll learn from the experiences of others, find support for your recovery journey, and can share your story in a safe place. In addition, we offer a wide variety of other addiction treatment therapies, which include:

  • Expressive therapy – Painting, drawing, writing, dancing, and playing music can be healthy outlets for stress and can help you learn more about yourself
  • Trauma-focused therapy – Past trauma can lead to addiction, and guided sessions with an experienced therapist can help you heal
  • Motivational interviewing – Find inner strength by discovering your inner motivation to stay in recovery
  • Family therapy – Addiction can cause conflict with family members and other loved ones, but you can learn how to communicate effectively and re-establish trust
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy – This evidence-based therapy can help you reframe your thought patterns and change your behaviors
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy – Learn how mindfulness can help you stay committed to your recovery
  • Relapse prevention therapy – Avoid relapse by developing skills and strategies to help you navigate challenging situations
  • 12-step approach – This time-tested approach offers ongoing support for long-term recovery

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